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London, 1899. The old century turns to make way for the new, and Vivian Harper’s fate is in the cards...

Vivian yearns for freedom—as well as the security to care for those she loves. She is engaged to a drunken, gambling lout but at least he comes from a good name. And yet, she dreams of something more than becoming a man’s property.

Mysterious murders begin happening in the great city of London, murders that most people are ready to turn a blind eye to in support of the new emporium. But these murders aren’t the only mysterious forces at work. A group of civilians have taken it upon themselves to cleanse the city of all things deemed unnatural or archaic in this rapidly changing world, including her parents—an apothecary and a fortune teller.

But none of that compares to the mystical world hiding within London. Vivian’s life is turned upside down and she is thrust into a world she never believed existed. A world of magic, pirates, demons, armies of the dead, and a man who seeks to harness ancient magic capable of remaking men into monsters.

Partnered with the most unlikely of companions, she must find the strength and the power within herself and the magic of the tarot to save everything that she loves.

London is filled with secrets, including the most remarkable dog with a power no one would believe…

The first in the Arcane Adventuress series: Canithrope; a better life is waiting for those brave enough to go looking.

The Clockwork Emperor

China, 1900. Following the Opium Wars, China is being carved up into pieces by foreign occupation and the Empress dowager sits on the throne. For now…

Vivian Harper and her fiancé, Nathaniel Valentine, have been tasked with an impossible mission: travel to China and recover an ancient weapon before it is lost to war and ruin. The catch—it is buried in the bones of a long-dead dragon and the key to her grave is hidden in abandoned temples guarded by demons that attack the very virtues of men’s souls.

But they are not the only ones seeking the weapon. The deposed prince seeks his revenge against a mother who will not relinquish her throne so he seeks powerful allies and unholy improvements of mechanics and flesh to reclaim his empire by force and he demands to use Vivian’s tarot magic and Nate’s shape-shifting canithrope power to do so.

China is a land of mystery of enchantment but it is also a land of danger and ancient supernatural forces, the likes of which may be more than Vivian and Nate can handle as they seek a treasure that may be the doom of all mankind.

The second in the Arcane Adventuress series; a better life is waiting for those brave enough to go looking.

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