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But I'm more than an author;

I am also the Stay-At-Home-Mother of two Littles I am homschooling on a 36-acre rescue ranch

We own 36 acres in rural Colorado where we participate in large and small animal rescue. We currently have 3 donkeys, 4 llamas, 3 cats, 3 dogs, 8 ducks and 1 gecko. 

We moved from the suburbs to give our Littles a relationship with nature. We wanted to give them a sense of knowing where food comes from. We felt it was important to give them space to run and play and grow. We longed to turn the television off and to enjoy the peace of the quiet country life.

So our daughter, Thumper, and our son, Tiger, darling husband and I spend our time learning to adjust to the country life, we live, we laugh we learn. We curse, I write and we do the very best we can.

Welcome to our adventure! Real life is truly stranger than fiction.

Cast of Characters in my Backyard


Me: The star of this little adventure. I am a homeschooling mama that is also a writer, a reenactor and an all-around domestic goddess. Welcome to my world.

Tiger: The son born in 2012, a typical little boy. He loves Star Wars, Legos, Mickey Mouse and Cars (Matchbox/ Hot Wheels/ Disney; doesn’t matter). He also loves driving me and his sister crazy. He is very smart and quite funny.  He is totally awesome and I love him!

Thumper: The daughter born in 2014, 31-months younger than Tiger. She is a Leo who enjoys her roar. She gets her fine nickname from her habit of kicking the wall as her preferred way of letting us know that she is awake and would like to get up from her crib. This started one morning when Darling Husband rolled over and muttered, “Thumper’s up”.  She’s just a doll and is known to everyone in our local grocery store as “that cute baby”.

Darling Husband: Really that says it all. He’s a computer guy. He is also very focused in his work. He is a good provider and a great parent and partner.

Chorus: Made up of 3 dogs, 4 llamas, 3 donkeys, 3 cats and 8 ducks, 1 gecko and counting.

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